Tune Up Tip of the Week from Terri Cole

I’ve been keeping up with some more spiritually connected, women centered sites lately in my non-existent free time. I stumbled on them while researching female entrepreneurs for school. I’m really loving Gabrielle Bernstein and Terri Cole! Here’s a great “Tune Up Tip of the Week” from Terri Cole.

I always try to be extra courteous to those around me, especially those I love, sometimes to a fault. I really feel terrible when I know that I’m not treating people with the courtesy that I know they expect.


About jessieb

Hello! Welcome to my world :) I am an artist, a designer, a student, a philanthropist and a fashion fanatic. At 26 years old I am starting to explore my path in life. Stay tuned for updates on my progress!
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One Response to Tune Up Tip of the Week from Terri Cole

  1. terri cole says:

    Thanks Jessie! Love your blog!
    Keep the positivity going!
    Love Love Love

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