Caroline Casey on TED: Looking Past Limits

     A truly inspiring talk featured on TEDWomen. Caroline Casey’s parents decided when she was a child not to tell her that she was legally blind. She found out when she was 17 and couldn’t believe it, but she never let it stop her. More recently she became a social entrepreneur by riding an elephant through India, raising money for cataracts surgery. This is a really amazing story.

     When I was 17 I was told that I had bilateral hip dysplasia (basically both my right and left hip sockets hadn’t quite formed correctly). This was actually an exciting revelation after years of being unable to understand why I started having knee pain at 10 years old. Having been a gymnast for most of my life and dreaming of going to school on a cheerleading scholarship, I allowed this news to turn my dreams upside down. It can be so hard at the age of 17 to have your dreams thrown out the window. It is so inspiring for me to hear this story of a woman who was able to move past this.

     Right now, I’m still trying to make up for time lost rebelling in college. I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I do know that I want to inspire people just like Caroline Casey has inspired me today.

I’ve written a “brief” synopsis of my story dealing with hip dysplasia on a social network I found called Happy Hips.


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Hello! Welcome to my world :) I am an artist, a designer, a student, a philanthropist and a fashion fanatic. At 26 years old I am starting to explore my path in life. Stay tuned for updates on my progress!
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